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Headings are single words, short phrases, longchamp le pliage or complete sentences that cover all of the material under it until the next heading. Talking heads tell the reader what to expect in each section. Headings must use the same grammatical structure. Subheads under a heading must be parallel to each other but do not necessarily have to be parallel to subheads under other headings. The title page of a report usually contains four items: the title of the re- port, whom the report is prepared for,longchamp outlet stores, whom it is prepared by,long champ, and the date. If the report is 25 pages or less,buy longchamp le pliage, list all the headings in the table of contents.
Longchamp Eiffel Tower In a long report, pick a level ancl put all the headings at that level and above in the contents. Organize the transmittalin this way: 1. Release the report. 2. Summarize your conclusions and recommendations. 3. Mention any points of speaalinterest in the report. Show how you sur- mounted minor problems you ertcountered in your investigation. Thank people who helped you. 4. Poirtt out additional research that is necessary,longchamp sale,if any. 5. Thank the reader for the opportunity to do the work and offer to an- swer questions. Summary abstracts present the logical skeleton of the article: the thesis or rec- ommend9hon and its proof. Descriptive abstracts indicate what topics the arhcle covers and how deeply it goes into each topic,jimmy choo sale, but do not summarize what the arhcle says about each topic.
A good abstract or executive summary is easy to read,outlet burberry, conase, and clear. A good abstract can be understood by itsej;f, without the report or references. The Introduction of the report always contains a statement of purpose and scope. jxxlz233 The Purpose statement identifies the organizational prob- lem the report addresses,longchamp le pliage shopping, the technical investigations it summarizes, and the rhetorical purpose (to explain, to recommend). The Scope statement identifies how broad an area the report surveys.
longchamp eiffel tower bag The intro- duction may also include Limitations, problems or factors that limit the validity of your recommendations; Assumptions, statements whose truth you assume, and which you use to prove your final point; Method8, an explanation of how you gathered your data; Criteria used to weigh the factors in the decision; and Definitions of terms readers may not know. A Background or History section is usually included because reports are filed and may be consulted years later by people who no longer remember the original circumstances. The body of the report,longchamp le pliage pink, usually the lont;est section, analyzes causes of the problem and offers possible solutions. It presents your argument with all evidence and data. longchamp sale Conclusions summarize points made in the body of the report; Recom- mendahons are action items that would solve or ameliorate the problem. These sections are often combined if they are short.

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ior many Americans,longchamp pliage, the mention of Disney- land brings to mind the image of Cinderella's castle, longchamp le pliage set in a land of fun and fantasy where every child's dreams can be fulfilled. Years of adver- ti,sing and the continuous introductiort of new prod- ucts have made Disneyland an icon of American family entertainment. But, as offiaals at the Walt Disney Company have discovered,burberry outlet online, not ever)rone shares these cultural assoaations. Only six months after Hong Kong Disneyland opened, Disney officials were scrambling to under- stand why attendance was so low at the new park. They tumed to China's travelindus- try for answers, and Chinese travel agents who book tours were blunt in their assessment. Some of these agents believed Disney officials had not tried to understand the local market and Chinese culture.
Longchamp Le Pliage Medium After the disappointing start at the Hong Kong park,longchamp taschen online shop, Disney offiaals were anxious to leam and ready to make changes. Using the travelindustry feedback and other market research,sac longchamp pliage noir, Disney developed a new advertising campaign. Original ads had featured an aerial view of the park; new TV spots focused on peo- ple and showed guests riding attractions. A new print ad featuring a grandmother,prada sale, jxxlz232 mother,longchamp le pliage bags, and daughter showed that Disneyland is a place where strong gen- erational boundaries can be relaxed and families can have fun together. Disney also worked to make visitors more com- fortable inside the park. At an attraction offered in three different languages, guests had gravitated to- ward the shortest line-usually the line for English- speaking guests. Now,longchamp le pliage red, three separate signs clearly mark which language will be used to communicate with guests in that line. Greater use of Mandarin-speaking guides, Man- darin reading materials,taschen outlet, and Mandarin subtitles helps guests
Be clear, but be adult. Don't write m second-grade English. The pattems of organization that work for North American audiences may need to be modified in international correspondence. For most cultures, buffer negahve messages and make requests more indirect. As Figures 13.5 and 13.6 suggest,longchamp purple, the st)rle,longchamp outlet london, structure, and strategies that would motivate a US audience may need to be changed for irtternational readers. longchamp le pliage large A junior martager in a finan- aal firm caused hard feelings when he e-mailed a direct question to a colleague at the Manila office: "Were the deal rtumbers checked against the source?" This question was taken by the employee in Manila as an accusation.41 Response time expectations may also need to be modified. US employees tend to expect fast answers to e-mails. However,longchamp tote sale, other cultures with hierarchical

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To: Exercutive Committee rvr~ From: William E. Dortch,le pilage, Marketing Manager,longchamp sac pliage, longchamp outlet European Economic Communit}t Subject: Recommendation tor Debbie Gere Debbie Gere would be my choice to head the new Moscow office. As you know, I rec- ommended that Europe be dMded and that we establish an Eastern European divi- sion. Of all the people from the States who have worked on the creation of the new division,longchamp taschen sale, Debbie is the best. longchamp le pliage large The negotiations were often complex. Debbie's knowl- edge of the language and culture was invaluable. jxxlz231 She's done a good job in the New York office and is ready for wider responsibilities,long champ le pliage, Eastem Europe is a challenging place,orange longchamp le pliage, but Debbie can handle the pressure and help us gain the foothold we need. To: Ed Conzachi, Pre8ident From: Pierre Garamond, Sales Reprelsentative, European Economic Communit)t ~
Longchamp Messenger Subject: Recommendation for Claude Chabot Claude Chabot would be the best choice for Manager of Eastem European Market- ing. He is a superb supendsor, motivating us to the highest level of achievement. He understands the complex legal and cultural nuanoes of selling our products in Europe as on~y a native can. He also has the budgeting and managerial skills to oversee the entire marketing effort. You are aware that the company s record of sending US crtizens to head international dMsions is not particulady good.
European Marketing is an exception, but our records in the Middle East and Japan have been poor. The company would gain stability by appointing Europeians to head European offices, Asian8 to head Asian offlces,longchamp le pliage mauve, and so forth. Such people would do a better job of managing and motivating staffs which will be comprised primarily of nationals in the countr)t where the office is located. Ending the pracUc;e of reserving the top jobs for US citizens would also send a message to in- temational employees that we are valued and that we have a future with this company. To: Executive Committee From: Efaine Crispell, Manager, Canadian Marketing ce Subject: Recommendation for Linda Moss Linda Moss has done well as Assistant Manager for the last two and a Vudt years. She Is a creative,gucci outlet, flexible prob~em solver. Her productivity is the highest in the office. Though she could be called a "workaholic,burberry outlet, she is a warm, caring human being. As you know, the Canadian division includes French-Speaking Montrealand a large Na- tive Canadian population; fLulhOrmore, Toronto is an intemational and interaAtural dt)r. Linda has gained intercu~tural competence both on a personal and profeslsionallevel. Linda has the potential to be our first woman CEO 15 years down the road. She needs more intemational experience to be competitive at that level. This would be a good opportunity for her, and she would do well for the company.

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Going through the files, you find this form memo:.longchamp le pliage Endosed are either receipts that we could not match with the items in your request for reimbursement or a list of items for which we found no receipts or both. Please be ad- v18ed that the Accountfng Department issues reimbursement checks only with full documentation. You cannot be reimbursed until you give us a receipt for each item for which you desire reimburs~ament. We must ask that you provid8 this information. This process may be easier if you ut}e the Expense Report Form, which is available in your department. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please do not hesttate to contact us with questions. You know this memo is horrible. In addiHon to wordi- ness,longchamp le pliage on sale, a total lack of positive emphasis and you-attitude,longchamp outlet hk, and a vague subject line, the document desi8;n and organ- ization ofinformation bury the request. Create a new memo that could be sent to people who do not provide all the documentation they need in order to be reimbursed. You work for a smaU organization that operates a Web site, but has not purchased a jxxlz230 customized domain name for their site: instead, your site's URL is a long,longchamp outlet store compli- cated string of text that references your Internet provider's name, not yours.
It's difficult to remember, un- wieldy for customers to use, and too long to include on business materials (stationer)r,longchamp le pliage sale, business cards, invoices,sac longchamp pliage taille l, product packagin& brochures, catalogs, voice-mail an- nouncements, e-mail si8;natures, and promotional items such as pens, coffee cups, and mouse pads). Purchasing a custom domain name would increase your organization's visibility (and the visibility of its Web page). longchamp sale As your instructor directs,purple longchamp le pliage, a. Identify the person in your organization with the power to authorize the purchase of a new Internet domain name and add that name to physical materi- als. Write an e-mail to that person, asking him or her to authorize that change. b. Write an e-mail to all employees,longchamp 1948, asking them to add the URL and a brief message promoting the organi- zation to their e-mail signature blocks. Include some sample promotional messages. Hints: . Pick a business, nonprofit,gucci handbags, or govemment . organization you know something about. What self- promotional materiaLs does it produce? Wruch would benefit from the new URL? longchamp le pliage large Will the reader know you? Has your organization asked for suggeshons, or will this come out of the blue?

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longchamp on sale I'm sorry quot

Do not apologize when you are not at fault. longchamp sale The phrase "I'm sorry" is gen- erally interpreted to mean the sorry person is accepting blame or responsibil- ity. When you have done everything you can and when a delay or problem is due to circumstances beyond your control, you aren't at fault~nd don't need to apologize. It may,longchamp purses, however,designer handbags, be appropriate to include an explanation so the reader knows you weren't negligent. In the previous example of a maga- zine's acknowledging an error,longchamp sale le pliage, the editor might indicate the source of the er- ror (such as a reference book or a govemment Web site the magazine uses for fact checking). If the news is bad,prada outlet, put the explanahon first. If you have good news for the reader,longchamp pliage prix, put it before your explanation* l'm sorry that I could not answer your question sooner.
I had to wait until the sales figures for the second quarter were in. We needed the sales figures for the second quarter to answer your question. Now that they're in,longchamp le pliage medium, I can tell you that . .longchamp le pliage large . The new advertising campaign is a success. The sales figures for the second quarter are finally in,where to buy longchamp le pliage, and they show ttiat . jxxlz229 . If the delay or problem is long or large,longchamp on sale, it is good you-attitudc to ask the reader whether he or she wants to confirm the original plan or make dif- ferent arrangements. l'm sorry that the chairs will not be ready by August 25 as promised. Due to a strike against the manufacturer, the desk chairs you ordered will not be ready until November. Do you want to keep that order, longchamp outlet or would you like to look at the models available from other suppliers? There is an accelerating trend for apologies in the workplace. This cereal box mocks the genre of public apologies.

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